Download CheatBook DataBase 2009 For Latest Cheats, Tips, Tricks and Walkthroughs

Warning: Don’t use this resource if you really want to enjoy any game. Only for frustrated gamers and fun seekers. Yeah! only for frustrated gamers, and those who have already finished a particular game and want to have some extra fun playing with the exploits. The thing is, it kills all the fun using cheats in online as well as offline gaming. But as there are times when we get frustrated over a particular level of the game where we can’t really figure out what to do and how to do. if the situation stays as it is, we may really give up on that particular game.

In those sort of situation you can always get some help figuring out what to do by reading walkthroughs and using some cheats to help aid your way through that level. But using it consistently throughout the game would really kill the experience. For a casual gamer using the exploits sometimes is necessary to keep playing the game because they don’t have enough time or they just give up on the game if they can’t pass through a particular level.

Anyway that all mumbo jumbo is what I feel and you obviously don’t care about. So lets talk about what this program has to offer, instead of whining about ethical issues. CheatBook is a freeware program that tracks all the cheats, exploits, walkthroughs, tips and tricks about all the games on all the platforms like Xbox, Playstation, PC, Nintendo and Other hand-held consoles over the year.

Games are listed alphabetically in the left hand window, and on clicking a certain game, you get all the exploits in the right hand editor. The best part of CheatBook database is that it lets you add your own discovered cheats and exploits into the database via simple editor.

So in case you know something it isn’t there, you can always add and update the publisher about it. You can also contribute/help the publisher in discovering latest cheats in turn help the community, well in certain ways.

It almost covers 17,000 games till the recent releases and is free so you can use it as much as you like. Now even your “Granny” can enjoy playing video games during holidays without your help 🙂

Download CheatBook DataBase 2009