Borderlands Steam Version Garena Guide – How To

Borderlands, Take Two’s finest game of 2009 is just too wanted for us to stop following it. We recently wrote few guides on Borderlands mainly Borderlands Hamachi Guide,and Borderlands firewall settings.So its time we talk about how you can play it on Garena if you have a legit game and want to stay away from Game Spy for whatever reasons.

So what you need ?
1. Borderlands Installed “Legit”.
2. Steam Running
3. Borderlands No DVD Fix
4. Updated Game

Setup Steam Version of Borderlands to Work with Garena

Step 1
Download Borderlands: The Zombie Island of Dr Ned v1.1 [Multi5] No-DVD Fix/Exe, which can also be searched from As steam version automatically updates your game, so we are assuming your game is already v1.1, and for the future you will have to download the appropriate crack for the latest version.
The guide is generic, the only thing you need to do is replace the crack with the latest crack for the updated version.

Step 2
Extract the crack you downloaded in the previous step to the desktop and you will have these three files.
Now rename “Borderlands.exe” to “Borderlands.Garena.exe”.

Step 3
Copy “Borderlands.Garena.exe” and “rld.dll” to paste it in ” Program Files > Steam > steamapps > common > borderlands > Binaries “. Paste these two files into Binaries folder of Borderlands.

Step 4
Login to Garena, select a Borderlands game room and click on settings at the bottom of the page.

Step 5
Now in executable settings, instead of choosing “Borderlands.exe” choose “Borderlands.Garena.exe”

Step 6
Run the game via Garena to play the steam version of Borderlands on Garena and yeah you can still play your game via steam without any issues.

Note: You need latest Borderlands NO DVD Fix in order to play Borderlands via this method.

Happy Gaming..