Modern Warfare 2 Online Got Cracked ? Well!

Frustrated,tired of waiting gamer nicknamed, “RZking” just discovered an amazing fully working way to Play Modern Warfare 2 Online. The story goes like “The Frustrated gamer and His urge to play Modern Warfare 2 early as it hasn’t been released in his home country”.

This guy out of curiosity tried something out of his genius mind and it worked. Things like that don’t happen every now and then which makes it quite a news, so next time when Infinity Ward patches the game or fixes this working way of playing MW2 online, you can always try stuff. Anyway lets get down to how you can game steam to play Modern Warfare 2 for free.

Note: You never know how much time you have before they fix this loophole as well. So Enjoy the Christmas as much as you can 🙂 Considering generic implications of this method you can try that for other games as well.

Play Modern Warfare 2 Online For Free

What’s Needed
You need to have Modern Warfare 2 and Steam Installed.

Part 1|Activate Your Steam Account

Step 1
Make a new account on steam, don’t use your legit account if you don’t want to get your a55 banned in any case.

Step 2
Go to Zero Gear Beta and enter your valid email address to get a beta key. I hope you have a beta key saved from the last time when Cracking Modern Warfare 2 to play Online required similar sort of act.

Step 3
Login to Steam, and go to “My Games” tab. Click on “Activate a Product on Steam” and add the beta key to activate that game.

Part 2|Installing Zero Gear
Follow the instructions, and install Zero Gear. Why you need to install this game would be clear once you will understand the logic behind this in the next few steps.

Part 3|Stop Automatic Updates For Zero Gear
Now once you have installed Zero Gear, you need to stop the Steam Automatic Updates.

Go to Steam>My Games>Right Click on Zero Gear> Go to its Properties>Update>Now Select “Automatic Updates” and then select “Do not Automatically Update This Game”.

Note: Run the game and play a bit to check if it works fine.

Part 4|Replace Zero Gear With Modern Warfare 2
I hope you have a hunch now where it is going don’t you ?. Yes we will replace all the game files of Zero Gear with all the files of Modern Warfare 2.

Step 1
Go to your default steam folder “C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\zerogear\Server”.

Step 2
Select all the files inside this folder and delete them.

Step 3
Copy all the game files of Modern Warfare 2 and paste them in “C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\zerogear\Server”.

Part 5|Modern Warfare 2 Steam Activation Files

Step 1
Download these original files of “Rzking” to run Modern Warfare 2 on Steam Online.
Rzking Modern Warfare 2 Steam Files

Step 2
Extract all the files and paste them in “C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps”. Replace the ‘Common” folder with the one that is provided in the above download.

Part 6|Launch Modern Warfare 2
Now you are good to go, launch “Zero Gear” from in game steam tab “My Games” and it will actually launch Modern Warfare 2. Start playing all Christmas all the way.

Big Thanks to RzKing The Guy Who Discovered This Method.

Zero Gear Beta Issue
Thanks “Invision” for this interesting tip on how you can play Modern Warfare 2 following the same method even if you missed out on the beta keys. But the offer is limited time only as it directly relates to steam providing it. Anyway the news is as Zero Gear Beta invites are officially over, Steam is providing Zero Gear Demos that can be downloaded via Steam but for limited time. So hurry and grab your Zero Gear Demo if you wanna play Modern Warfare 2 Online.

IWnet Version Support Update
OLD versions no longer supported, IWNet now only support version 1.0.175 so in order to play you will have to use the new version of this cheat.

Modern Warfare 2 Paravoz Patch Update
New crack by Parovoz is out and works with v1.0.175 and enables these features but also has certain limitations.

If you host the game, then you can play or if some one else who has that crack hosts the game, you will play but not if someone with the original game hosts.

– unlocked “com_maxfps” (up to 1000), “cg_drawFPS”, “cg_fov”, “cl_maxpackets”
– cg_scoreboardPingText = 1
– unlocked “ping_default_min”, “ping_increment”, “ping_searches_per”
– unlocked toggle commands, like bind F8 “toggle drawLagometer 1 0”
– unlocked WinConsole.

The only positive thing you can rely on about this patch is, it enables you to invite your friends for private game and it works fine with that. So invites your friends to play the game for now.