Modern Warfare 2 Unlimited Ammo Glitch Strikes Xbox360

We have seen everything about Modern Warfare 2 now, first it was PC modders who did the damage(Console hack, LVL hack, online crack,Co op patch, dedicated server) now it’s the console guys. It’s is evident from the videos posted on worldwide internet, every map you join on XBL may have unlimited ammo, no ammo counters.

You can read all the fuss on XBL official forums or just fucking google it to read all the lengthy conversation and whining of innocent gamers who have nothing to do with either of the parties. All that to know is a simple fact “Infinity Ward is Busted ………….Again”.

Stumbling upon this story I was like wtf? so after digging through it found out that it most probably is the work of an angry modder, who created an exploit and passed it around online. It doesn’t corrupt game data at all but infects the maps.

Man this story is getting old now, either the modders are taking it too seriously or the game itself is a crap. Either way Infinity Ward is paying the price in terms of custom satisfaction and reputation.