Demigod Hamachi Guide – How To

Demigod is a realtime tactical strategy game including role playing elements, having been inspired by Warcraft games intend to provide the same level of addictive gameplay which made Warcraft popular.Choose your Demigod and battle with your opponent relying on its unique abilities and powers. Overall an awesome and addictive which you surely wanna play with your friends on LAN online. So how you can do that is what we will be focusing on.

How to Host/Play Demigod On Hamachi

Prerequisites to Play Demigod On Hamachi
First thing first, you need to download Demigod Hamachi LAN Fix. Download it via this link to be able to play Demigod over Hamachi. After you have done that follow through these instructions below to correctly configure Hamachi for Demigod.

How to Setup Hamachi to Play Demigod

1. Go to Hamachi Network properties, and make sure TCP/IPv6 is disabled.
2. Double click TCP/IPv4, click advanced and select gateway to remove it. Now in the interface metric, untick automatic and instead of 9000 put 10.
3. Click OK and disable enable Hamachi adapter, or restart your computer.

Network Priority
Go to My Network Place>Network Connections, now go to Advanced menu, click Advanced Settings and make sure Hamachi is at the top of the list.

Setup Firewall to Play Demigod
Go to your Security Settings > Firewall Settings, hit change settings and select Advanced Settings. Now deselect Hamachi and hit OK. Restart your computer and you ready to join any network.

If you are facing other issues playing Demigod On Hamachi, you can read through our guide on how you can correctly setup Hamachi to work for games and solution to general problems.

Happy Gaming..