How to Make a Call of Duty 4 Montage Video

This guest post about “How to make a Call of Duty 4 Montage Video” is written by “Saqib Mansoor”. Before we begin this let me point out that there are numerous ways to make a Call of Duty 4 montage. We have the avidemo method for which a tutorial has been written on Tek-9 and then there are others. My method, though ancient gets the job done, so who really cares.

Step 1: Gather Your Demos
We can’t make a montage without your glorious shots now, can we? So first things first make your in game demos. You can do this by going in game, opening console and writing “/record mymontage”.
The game will now start recording your game. To stop recording just write in console “/stoprecord”.

Step 2: Re-Recording Your Demos
For this step you will be needing two softwares, Fraps & COD4Player.

Now you have your demos but the demo files are not readable by any video editing software. Hence, you have to re-record your demos using an external recording software.
I find Fraps the best, the output is in .avi and in very good quality. Do keep in mind that you will need an extremely large amount of disk space to put your frap files. My last project had to take up over a 100GB.
The question here is that why do we need such big files. The answer is that these files are going to be compressed when you render your movie later on. So the highest quality you have in the beginning the better.

This is a very small player that plays your cod4 demo files. You can google it up and download it in an instant.Now you have both softwares. Start Fraps and load the demos into your COD4Player.
Your game will start and your demo will be loaded. Press the default F9 Hotkey to start recording and F9 again to stop recording. The .avi files will be saved in your fraps directory (which can be changed from the Fraps settings panel).

If you want to go a step further then you can use COD4 movie configs which are available on the Internet. I can’t really remember the links but you can find them on tek9 forums.Most of the famous movie configs are of vaccum, mazarani, acid and hydroxz.
These configs are only for movie making purposes, they feature high intense graphics which seem pretty cool in a montage to say the least.
Just paste the movie config in your “E:\Activision\Call of Duty 4 – Modern Warfare\players\profiles\JohnDoe” and follow step 2 from the beginning.

Step 3: Video Editing
You have your video clips now, time for the actual work to begin. You can use a variety of video editing softwares. The ones most used are probably Sony Vegas and Adobe After Effects. Which ever one you’re using, just drag the video clips into the movie maker and start gluing the clips together.