How to Import and Save Stats Using EA Account Manager

EA Account Manager is a utility that helps you save your current game stats and comes with the ability to import them back into your game later. Yes, you can save your game progress with it and then  import it back at some other time. How you can use it is simple and easy, so lets get down to that.

How to Import an Account with EA Account Manager

1. You need a valid playerstats file to be in the same folder as EA (Usable example is included with EA Account Manager).

2. Run the game and at menu screen,  ALT+TAB to Windows.

3. Run EA and select correct game version.

4. Click “Easy Upgrade” and you will get this message if you chose the correct playerstats file. ” Upgrade completed successfully”

5. ALT+TAB to the game, and your stats would be different.

It is recommended that you play several rounds in an online server to ensure that your modified stats are “locked in”.

Also make sure that you are using playerstats file that is generated from the same game version. Otherwise it may not work or even if it works, not all stats may be unlocked.

How to Save Stats With EA Account Manager

1. Run the game and at menu screen, ALT+TAB to Windows.

2. Run EA and select correct game version.

3. If you already have a playerstats file in the same folder as EA, then you will have to move/rename/delete it.

4. Click “Easy Transfer” and you would get this message “Easy transfer completed successfully”.

5. A playerstats file will now exist in the same folder as EA account manager.

This playerstats file can now be used by anyone to create a matching profile.