The Saboteur – The Story, Sex, and The Studio

“The Saboteur” is an open world action/adventure game developed by Pandemic Studios. Notorious acts of Nazis have already been demonstrated in several games, this game is no different.

Sean Devlin, the protagonist is an Irish racing mechanic seeking personal revenge on Nazis. Aided by French resistance and British intelligence Sean decides to teach Nazis a lesson.

The game begins with a nude dance bar where Mr. Devilin is drinking alone and is sad over his unbearable loss caused by Nazis.Devilin is soon joined by a local inhabitant who persuades him to help him and his organization to teach Nazis a lesson for their damned acts.Devilin after some hesitation agrees to join them in order to revenge his loss and the story continues.

The storyline of the game might not sound appealing to those who are tired of seeing Nazis in games and fighting against them.Otherwise, it is not as bad as one might think of an RPG.Your primary objective is to target the critical points of Nazis defense and cause maximum damage.

Sometimes you will have eliminated your targets by sabotaging or you will have to sneak in, to take down a particular army personnel.You don’t have to fight with your fists and legs all the times, as weapon usage is also there in abundance.

You can complete your assigned tasks in multiple ways and complete the available missions on the map in any order.

Full marks for graphics and controls. Saboteur is far better when it comes to control and movements as compared to GodFather II.Vehicle controls were more or less like Mafia. City design is also not that bad, blood effects during combat with Nazis are somewhat unique.

Although, the game has a lot to offer still it looks like we are playing a game like GTA IV and Mafia again, as it lacks innovative concepts. No doubt it’s an 18+ game but I wonder if only nudity is sufficient to attain a higher ranking among all other big games out there.

Overall, The Saboteur is a game better than Godfather II but fall short in quality against games like Mafia and GTA. It was Pandemic’s last game as they won’t be producing any other games now.I don’t think this game was descent enough to be a deserving farewell to them but again, that’s only me.


The Saboteur

The Saboteur is a game better than Godfather II but falls short in quality against games like Mafia and GTA.