Guide to Setup and Play Games Using Tunngle

What is Tunngle ?
Tunngle is free VPN adapter, and a Hamachi alternative. Everything you used to do with Hamachi, can be achieved using Tunngle. It comes with lots of features, and trumps hamachi on every ground. Better connectivity and easy setup have made tunngle an ideal choice to play games on virtual lan online.

How to Setup Tunngle to Play Games

Step 1
Download and Install Tunngle. Once you have installed it, you will be asked to restart your system, do it.

Step 2
Register for an account on their website.

Step 3
Launch Tunngle.

Step 4
If a warning message pops up, Press “Ja” as seen in the screenshot.

Step 5
Login into your account, the one you registered on their website.

Step 6
Wait, till it connects you to the network. Once you are connected, you will have a main screen. Click the communities tab on the main screen.

Step 7
Under this tab, you will see lot of game categories. Choose the one in which your game resides and then select your game.

Step 8
Enter into any game room, minimize tunngle and launch your game.

Step 9
Once you are in a game room.You will see the hosted servers in that game room under the LAN section of your game if anyone is hosting. Join any of them or you can host yourself for others to join it.

Note : No configuration, or any other vpn settings required. This program makes everything automated.