How to Install Sourcemod and Metamod on Left4dead 2

In order to install sourcemod and metamod plugins for your Left4dead 2 server, you will need to follow the procedure below.

Install Sourcemod and Metamod Plugins on Left4dead 2

Step 1
Download and Apply Garry’s Patch.

Step 2
Run the reg file depending on your OS. (32bit or 64bit)

For Vista Users

Step 1
Run your game as administrator. (for that right click on left4dead2.exe, go to compatibility tab, and check the box “Run as Administrator”.)

Step 2
In the same compatibility tab choose to run the game in XP SP2 compatibility mode.

Step 3
Change the date to Oct 29, and timezone to Hong Kong (GMT +8).

Step 4
Download Sourcemod and Metamod plugins.

Step 5
Go here to make your vdf file. Make sure to choose the right OS and right game .

Step 6
Extract and files to your Left4dead 2 game directory.

Step 7
Place your Metamod.vdf file in addons folder of your game.

Step 8
Do a quick file check.
(You should have sourcemod, metamod folders and metamod.vdf file in your addons folder. In your cfg folder, you should have a sourcemod folder).

Step 9
Run the game, choose a map and then type in console “”meta list 1”. Now in chat box type “Admin” (without quotes)

If everything went as we want then you should see a menu popup, but you won’t be able to use it. To use the admin functions follow the Left4dead 2 Add Admin Function Tutorial.