How to Host Different Game Modes in Left4dead 2

Left4dead 2 is awesome, and provides lot of options to enjoy it online, with lot of in game multiplayer game types. And if you don’t know how to host different game types¬† in Left4dead 2, we can help you do that. Follow this simple tutorial and you are go.

How to Host Different Game Modes in Left4dead 2

Step 1
Start the game, press ” ~ ” to open console.

Step 2
Now type these different commands for respective game types.

1. Versus
map mapname versus

2. Scavenge
map mapname scavenge

3. Survival
map mapname survival

4. Campaign
map mapname campaign

5. Realism
map mapname realism

If you are using plugins like sourcemod and metamod, you can follow this procedure.

Step 1
Run the game and open console.

Step 2
Host a random map, don’t have to specify the game type after the map name (“map mapname” will do).

Step 3
When in game type “sm_cvar mp_gamemode”. ( versus, scavenge, campaign, coop,realism, and survival).

Tips, Tricks, and Suggestions are appreciated.