Top Video Games Cheats and Walkthrough’s Resources

What to do when you have already finished a game once and just want to break the limitations imposed by the game ?, Use Cheats. What about having some fun playing the game in the god mode ? Use Cheats. What to do when you are stuck at certain level of the game and can’t find a way out ? read Walkthrough’s. Keeping that mind we have compiled a great list of top video game cheats and walkthrough resources just for you, take a look.

Icy Cheats
With more than 30000 cheats, walkthroughs and tips. Icy Cheats is one of the most useful resource for cheats on all platforms.

Super Cheats
This website has been providing cheats and walkthroughs since 1999.They have plenty of cheats for almost all the famous games on all the major platforms.You can also read the expert analysis and download some interesting wallpapers.In short it’s a healthy community typically designed as to share cheats codes.

Game Winners

Cheats for all the modern day games are present on this site for all gaming platforms.They have an active community too. to guide you about all the cheats out there. Every cheat has a nice tutorial for its implementation which make things a lot easier.

Cheat Planet

Cheat planet powered by Gamesradar is another useful resource for cheats on all major gaming platforms.Cheats for the latest games are easily accessible on this website.

Cheating Dome
Cheating Dome is purely dedicated to cheats and walkthroughs.You can also discuss various cheats on their forums which is very active.Cheats for all the platforms are available here.

Cheat Code Central
Cheat Code Central although primarily dedicated to cheats, has some other features like previews and reviews of the upcoming games. Cheats for all the platforms are available on this website.

If you are specially searching for some RPG cheats and codes then Gameogre is the place for you. Cheats for other games like L4D2 are also available on this site.

I don’t think that there would be a single game missed by Cheats.Ru guys.They have quite a large inventory of cheats with every possible game listed in their directory and more than 4000 registered users on their forums.

Cheat Your Game
Hundred of games are available in their cheat directory.All you need to do is select the platform, select the letter and finally  select the game you want cheats for.

Gamer Evolution
Gamer Evolution although not primarily dedicated to cheats and walkthroughs but like Gamespot and IGN have a descent collection of cheats in their directory.

Game Pyre primarily features information about games and technology but like other websites mentioned above has a descent catalog for cheats and codes etc.

Game Cheats
Good thing about Game Cheats is, it has cheats for the  games on handheld platforms like Gameboy and Genesis which are not much popular as compared to DS,Wii and PSP. Also you can  check their affiliates for more cheats etc.

Cheat Codes Guides
Well if you are dying to get cheats for PS3 games then this is the right place for you.Other sites do offer cheats for PS2 and PSP but PS cheats are rare.You can find latest PS3 cheats here along with Cheats for other major platforms as well.

Cheat Stop is another cheats only website which offers cheats,tips, guides and walkthroughs for different games on all major platforms.You can find your desired cheats from their search engine making things easier.

Cheat Masters
You will have an idea about the diversity of cheats on CheatMasters by looking at its footer.Reviews and previews for all the blockbusters are also available here along cheats.