Modern Warfare 2 Hacked Dedicated Servers

We all heard a shocker in the form of a possible dedicated server hack just a day or so after Modern Warfare 2 got released. But was it a dedicated server hack ? or just few coders playing around with console enabled ?.

We know they were playing in a custom rules server, yes we know they were leaning, they had infinite ammo and hacks enabled. We know, they were leveling up and seemed like they were very happy as if conquered the World. ( I mean you can watch the video again it is pretty obvious “The Happiness Factor”).

But that aside, we only know part of what was shown to us. We don’t know the full scale story, and haven’t got any update after that. All we know is there were some players who were playing in a custom Modern Warfare 2  server online with hacks on and console open.

Other then that we are only hopping that some one out there is working on something called “Dedicated Server” for Modern Warfare 2. So if  any of you has got any update for us, Plz share as everyone is quite impatient now.