How to Play Modern Warfare 2 Spec ops on Tunngle

We have already gone through how you can play Modern Warfare 2 Spec Ops on Hamachi. But if you are facing any issue, lag or whatever, you can also play MW2 co op using Tunngle “Virtual Private Network adapter“. How you can do that, is pretty simple, just follow these steps.

Modern Warfare 2 Spec Ops On Tunngle

Step 1
Download and install Tunngle. It will ask to reboot your PC after installation so reboot your PC.

Step 2
Start Tunngle, and create an account.

Step 3
Click on browser on the bottom left of the program to choose the type of game you want to play. Choose ‘Shooter’, and then choose MW2 from the list.

Step 4
When you inside the “MW2” channel, download Tunngle Co-op Patch.

Step 5
Extract the files, paste them into your game folder and replace when asked.

Step 6
Start TCSB.exe and hit refresh. You will now be able to see the servers hosted by other players in Tunngle MW2 channel in case you are alone. And if you want to play with your friend, host a server and tell your friend to join that.

Note : Lot of players host co op games via Tunngle waiting for other players to join those games. You will always  find some hosted games waiting for you to join. In case you don’t that’s not the end of the World, you can always host the game yourself so that some one else can join it. If you want to play with your friend, host or join his hosted game.