150+ Free Windows 7 Themes For Everyone

Windows 7 is out and is rocking. With all its new features,  it is faster and more reliable then Vista. One of its cool feature is theme customization, and it has already got loads of themes floating around in the every corner of the Worldwide web.

As everyone on web is searching for cool Windows 7 themes, we have compiled a list of  awesome free Windows 7 themes. We wanted to have something for everyone, lets see how much we have succeed.

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Into Windows 7 Theme Pack
Into Windows 7 theme pack consist of 14 different windows 7 themes, with different graphics, different icons, and different styling.

MAC OS X Snow Leopard Windows 7 Theme Pack
Something for Mac lovers, this theme consist of three themes Snow leopard, Snow leopard wild, and Snow leopard mix.

Windows 7 Build 7068 Themes
Windows 7 build 7068 themes pack includes architecture, characters, landscapes, nature and scenes themes released for Windows 7 build 7068.

Windows 7 RTM Themes
Windows 7 RTM themes pack consists of 5 country specific themes, as well as architecture, scenes, landscapes, characters, and nature theme for Windows 7.

Windows 7 Ultimate Themes Pack
Windows 7 Ultimate theme pack consist of Ultimate Windows 7 themes in different styles and colors. The package has total of 14 ultimate themes coming with different styles to match your taste.

Micheal Jackson Windows 7 Themes
Windows 7 Micheal Jackson Theme Pack includes 4 different themes, each with a unique style and orientation. The Package has Micheal Jackson original themes, its light version, its dark version and its twilight version.

Windows 7 Viena Theme Pack
Windows 7 Viena Theme Pack consists of 9 beautiful themes originally released by mystuffworld.

Windows 7 Paul’s Theme Pack
Windows 7 Paul’s Themes comprises of 5 theme packs, 3 of them depict the beauty of cities like Paris, Washington and London. Fourth is a country specific theme called Ireland and the last one Windows 7 coffee theme.

Windows 7 Themes For Gamers

For the all the fans of Team Fortress, here comes the theme which is styled with all your in game favorite characters.

The theme is part of the Microsoft theme gallery and is based on upcoming Sci Fi alien hybrid PC title Avatar the game.

Windows 7 Gears of War theme is also part of official Windows 7 themes gallery and is based on the famous third person action shooter Gears of War.

Part of the official Windows 7 themes gallery, Gears of War 2 theme is based on the sequel of the Gears of War.

Windows 7 Zune Themes
Microsoft has got something for the Zune lovers as 3 beautiful Windows 7 Zune themes are part of the official Windows 7 Theme Gallery.

Windows 7 Theme for Racing Fans
Windows 7 Porche theme, Windows 7 Ferrari Theme, Windows 7 Infinity Theme, and Windows 7 Ducati Theme fall into this category.

Windows 7 Longhorn Theme
Remember the old Longhorn Windows upgrade on XP ? well this theme will remind you its sleek design and layout.

Windows 7 Sico Theme
Windows 7 Sico theme is another dark stylish theme with  nicely crafted layout and design.

Download Windows 7 Sico Theme

Windows 7 International Themes
If you are patriotic type then you can find the specific country theme from the official Windows 7 gallery.

Windows 98 Themes For Windows 7
The classic themes of Windows 98 for Windows 7.The theme pack  includes Jungle theme, Mystery theme, Baseball theme, and Travel Windows 98 theme for Windows 7.

More Windows 7 Themes
If you still haven’t find any theme you love, then may be try out these themes. These themes have been randomly compiled from WWW, hope you like them.

Tell us your favorite Windows 7 Themes.