Modern Warfare 2 Experience Gain Cheat

Modern Warfare 2 Level Hack must have disappointed a lot of users considering the fact it isn’t a permanent solution. You need to update it every time there is a steam update, and go through the  same process every time the game restarts.

Well may be not, there was a fix that saves your experience in your steam account but still it wasn’t the most efficient one.
So for those who are still having hard time saving their stats after using Modern Warfare 2 level hack, Modern Warfare 2 Experience Gain Cheat may save their day.

How to Get Level 70 and Make it Permanent

Note: You must have some experience earned for this cheat to work, it won’t work for 0 XP profiles.

Step 1
Download and Install Cheat Engine 5.5.

Step 2
Start the game with iwmp4.exe (Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer). Go to barracks screen and note your XP, it will be just under your rank.

Step 3
Minimize the game.

Start Cheat Engine, click on the flashy green computer icon on the top left of your screen.

Select iwmp4.exe from the process list screen and click open. Type in your XP in the value section of the new window (the only part of the window where you can type).

Click New/First Scan and wait.

Step 6
Select the first green address below in the same window. Double click its value field and edit to 10000000 or even more.

Open your minimized game, go to create a class section and check whether the guns have been unlocked.

Join a game, and play it till the end. Get out of lobby, save your game with easy account to make your experience gain permanent.

Your rank will stick now. If you found any other interesting way to achieve the same, do share with us. Thanks @ Gen Butts for the Guest Post.