Best Dedicated Game Server Providers and Rentals

Are you thinking of hosting your own server for any game and can’t figure out which hosting should you go for then following Hosts chosen by us can satisfy you and will fit in with your budget as well.

Gameservers are not only offering servers for games but also voice chat servers like Ventrilo and Teamspeak.Voice quality of their servers has been reported above average.They are charging $0.49/slot for CS source servers.They are already hosting hundred of servers and keen to enhance their network.

If you want to host epic FPS like CS then GameDeamons might be your best choice.They also host servers for Teamspeak and Ventrilo.They are supported by Speakeasy network a worthy ISP and Hosting company.

VSK Gaming
It’s another useful GSP (Game service provider) for hosting CS servers and Quake wars servers specially.They have given nice details and suggestions to choose the no of slots of your servers and handling resources.

Art Of War Central
They have been serving since 2002 and have descent reputation regarding performance of their servers.They offer you 12 different packages to chose from for multiple games.They are also known for web hosting and servers for Teamspeak and Ventrilo.

Teamspeak Host
They host teamspeak servers only for the best results.They offer you a 7 day trial.You can cancel your trial anytime within 7 days if you don’t like their service.

Mammoth Games
They offer voice and game servers  and are located in San Diego.You can also test their servers on trial bases before reaching any conclusion.

Pro-HL Gaming
They are famous for their Half Life Counter Strike servers.If you are thinking of hosting a server for any of the 2 mentioned games then Pro-HL Gaming is your best shot.

XP Servers
They are offering servers for variety of games including COD4.You can switch games anytime without any cost. Which is of course an interesting incentive for those who like to switch games often.

Their shared hosting packages are interesting along with the dedicated server ones.Do check out their prices compared with the specs they are offering.

Latency Kills
You can have both managed and unmanaged servers from their side.As their name  indicates they claim to reduce the latency to minimum for smooth multiplayer experience.

If there any other host you found better than these then do share your experience with us.