How to Transfer/Play Left4dead Content in Left4dead 2

Yes, independent mods have found a way to transfer each and everything you loved in L4D1 to its sequel L4D2. But to achieve this you have to go a long way, the work around is quite complex but worthy.

Warning: This tutorial is quite complex for those who have little or no knowledge of modifying Left4dead pak files, so it is recommended not to try it unless you know what you are doing. Try at your ow risk, You have been warned.

How to Transfer Left4dead Content to Left4dead 2

Step 1
You need to rename pak01_xxx.vpk and pak01_dir.vpk Left4dead files to pak02_xxx.vpk and pak02_dir.vpk. Now place them in your Left4dead 2 directory with L4D2 pak files.

Step 2
Now you need to copy the main files from L4D folder and transfer it to L4d2 folder. Copy the following folders from:
“/Steam/steamapps/common/left 4 dead/left4dead/”
“/Steam/steamapps/common/left 4 dead 2/left4dead2/”
When you are asked to merge folders select “Yes to all” and when you asked if you want to replace files select “No to all”.

Now you need to fix your Left4dead campaigns and replace the old Left4dead models with the new ones. These fix files have been provided by Smashman and Technopath from Facepunch.

1. Download this Technopath fix, you will need the files inside to go into your L4D2 directory so be sure to back up your original pak01_dir. This fix includes a Population.txt to spawn the new infected, mission folder and a new whitelist.

Note: When Left4dead 2 is updated, you will have to edit the PAK01 dir again.

2. Now you need to fix few of the scenes for that you will need Smashman’s Scenes.image file. This Scenes.image file must be placed inside “\left4dead2\scenes” and replace it with the current one. But do back up your original file before replacing it.

Step 4
Launch L4D 2, open console and type “SnD_Rebuildaudiocache”. Once the bar reach the end, press console key and type “quit”. L4D2 will close, relaunch the game and go into create lobby or single player. Now you will be able to choose Left4dead campaigns.

Known Crashes/ Bugs
-No Mercy Map 2 crashes on Helicopter fly over.
-Crash Course finale switch doesn’t work.
-Dead Air crashes on plane crash in finale map.
-Blood Harvest crashes on rescue vehicle arrival.
-Death Toll Church guy randomly breaks on most loadouts.
-Intro scenes are broken
-Only the Baseball bat is the new weapon that spawns. Tonfa and Bile jar will be dropped by Riot and Hazmat zombies.
-Certain Campaigns/maps don’t show up in the lobby options, so you will have to load the map manually by typing {CHANGELEVEL “NAME”} in console.

How to Fix the Crashes

Step 1
Close Steam.

Navigate to “C:\Program Files\Steam”. Find Steam.exe and right click on it to proceed to its properties. Now select compatibility tab in the window, here you will find a toggle box “Run the program as an administrator”, tick it > Apply the changes >Press OK.

Step 3
Now go to your Left4dead 2 directory and locate left4dead.exe. Right click on it to go to its properties. Now select the compatibility tab and then tick the toggle box saying “Run the program as an administrator” as you did in step 2 and apply/save the changes.

Launch the steam, it will warn you not to run in compatibility mode, giving two options one will revert back all the changes to run steam normally. Other will option will be continue running steam in the compatibility mode, choose the later one.

Step 5
After you have logged into your steam account. Navigate to your Windows folder “C:/Windows/” and locate “CSC” folder.

1. Try to open “CSC” folder and it will fail saying “You currently don’t have permissions to open this folder” or something similar if not you may have a different problem. Keep pressing continue to the point at which it says “You have been denied”.

2. Now right click on the folder “CSC” and go to its properties. Go to the security tab of properties and it will say “To continue, you must be an administrative user with permission to view this object’s security properties”, now click continue.

3. Click on the admin in the owner tab which will essentially swap the owner to the administrator, press OK after you are done. Now click OK once again and it will bring you the security tab, now tick “Full Control” and save the changes by hitting OK twice.

Enjoy Left4dead custom stuff along with Left4dead 2.If you got any tip, or suggestion to make things easy plz don’t hesitate to share with us.

Source : FacePunch via Left4dead Mods