New Medal Of Honor to be Modern Combat is Likely ?

The craze of gamers to play Modern Warfare games is on the rise, thanks to recent release of Modern Warfare 2, and its predecessor. Other developers like DICE are also focusing on concept of modern warfare with their upcoming title Bad Company 2.

And they are not alone as Codemaster’s recent release Operation Flaspoint 2:Dragon Rising also revolves around the concept of modern tactical warfare. With every FPS developer modernizing their IP’s, finally EA woke up and have  officially started modernizing  its Medal of Honor franchise.

Medal of Honor has long been one of the favorites of PC Gamers with its roots back in 1999, but were disappointed with their recent title Medal of Honor:Airborne.

Actually with Airborne EA literally showed the World “How you can kill an awesome game”. But all the bad things aside, the new Medal of Honor game will be set in the current day. As a source close to MCV, a UK based magazine tells:

“it’s a new take on the modern warfare idea – and will really help give the series the kick up the arse it needs”.

This new revolutionized Medal of Honor game is expected to be released in 2010, with an announcement just around Christmas and will be coming for Xbox360, PS3 and PC.