How to Secure Your iPhone Against Rickrolling Worm

What is a Rickrolling Worm ?
There has been several reports that jailbroken iPhone users in Australia have been fall victim to “ikee” a worm that replaces the default wall paper with a picture of Rick Ashley,  a British pop singer with a recent song “Never gonna give u up”.

Seems like this hacker is fan of Mr Rick as the photo is accompanied by a message “ikee is never gonna give u up” and apparently this worm is very hard to remove.

Rickrolling Worm “ikee” arguably is the first worm that hits iPhone says Sophos, a security firm. But in order for this worm to attack your iPhone, your iPhone must be jailbroken, so the one’s who haven’t jailbroken their iPhones are safe from it.

The worm attacks one jailbroken iPhone and then search for other jailbroken iPhone users by searching through the contacts of the infected iPhone. It typically attacks by logging into the Unix software using Apple’s default password which is “alpine”.

How to Secure Jailbroken iPhone Against Rickrolling Worm

Now “ikee” attacks the jailbroken iPhone using Apple’s default password, so those of you who still have the same root password intact, need to change that in order to be on the safe side.

You will need to have  Mobile Terminal from Cydia store installed  before starting with the instructions.

How To
1. Tap the MobileTerminal icon to open a terminal window.
2. Enter su and press return.
3. Enter the current default root user password alpine and press return.
4. Type passwd and press return.
5. Enter a new password and press return.
6. Enter the new password again and press return.

Now that you have changed the root password, you also need to change the default user password of the iPhone which also turns out to be “alpine” as the default user can access all your data. You can change the default user password by launching the Mobile Terminal and following steps 4 through 6.

Source: CNet Blog