Xbox360 Gets Mouse and Keyboard Extension

The console gaming has pawned PC gaming officially in turns of developers/ publisher  support, being a PC gamer you have no idea how hard it is for me to believe that.

But anyway when it comes to console gaming and playing fps on consoles, there are lot of disadvantages associated with it, which are in turn advantages of the same game on PC.

One of them is keyboard/mouse controller, lot of guys may have different opinion but its a fact. The experience you get while playing an FPS with keyboard/mouse is a whole different World then playing the same FPS with console controllers.

As of now lot of companies are trying to come up with extensions that enable console gamers to play their favorite fps games with keyboard/mouse. XCM is one of them who had released their extension “XFPS 4.0” for Xbox360, to enable gamers play FPS games with mouse and keyboard.

Another company Xecuter is coming up with another product XFRAG 360, also for Xbox360 which among its main features lets you use Mouse/Keyboard to play fps games on Xbox360. You can read all about its long list of features on official site, and ask them questions if you feel like it.

But if some one would say to me keeping Mouse/Keyboard extension for console in context that “That’s the end of PC Gaming”, I will just reply “Dude, We have heard that before, Enlighten us with something new”.