How to Play Modern Warfare 2 Spec Ops on Hamachi

Modern Warfare 2 is out on all platforms and it has been rocking on consoles but PC. Anyway if you were wondering how you can play Modern Warfare 2 Spec Ops Co op missions on virtual private networks like Hamachi, you ended up at the right place. As we have a simple way to play Modern Warfare 2 Co op missions via Hamachi, read the step by step procedure below to enjoy if enjoy Modern Warfare 2 Spec Ops on Hamachi.

Step by Step Method to Play Modern Warfare 2 Spec Ops on Hamachi

Step 1
First you need to download working VPN Fixfrom File Planet or MediaFire and replace them with the files in the game folder.

Step 2
Copy the TeknoGods_MW2SP.exe and TeknoMW2.dll  to your game folder. After you have done that, make a shortcut to TeknoGods_MW2SP.exe and add –ip=<hamachi IP> in the target box. Like in my case it is:
“E:\Activision\Modern Warfare 2\ TeknoGods_MW2SP.exe” –ip=myhamachiIP

Step 3
Now Run TeknoGods_MW2SP.exe, and choose Spec Ops to play the Co op Missions.Choose “Two Player Online” and you will end up in lobby, now press F12 to connect to your friend (Who will host the game) and start pawning.

Note:Steam is required for Spec Ops so you should be logged in to your
steam account.Turn off your firewall otherwise this method may not work. And I don’t feel like telling “You will need to be in same ‘Hamachi Network’ in order to play the game.

You Need to Log in to Steam to Play Online *Fix*
It will happen mostly when you have had your Co op patch files messed up. If you get this message then you can download these Modern Warfare 2 Co op Lan Files to fix the issue.

If any of you know any other way to play MW2 Spec Ops on virtual private network like Hamachi, then do share with us.