PES 2010:What About LAN and Multiplayer?

It’s disappointing that Konami has not included any LAN play option in their latest version of Pro Evolution Soccer.It might be surprising but it’s true that you can’t play it on 2 or more than 2 PCs connected via LAN only.So how are we supposed to play it’s multiplayer?

There is only one way,that is you play it through online option in the game for which you need Konami ID and legit game.Furthermore no news on PES launcher for the game yet, So all we can do is wait and hope that they will come up with a nice PES launcher.

What about its online feature? Does it present lag like all the previous versions or it has been improved?Well most of the players have reported lag free online gameplay which is a good news ofcourse as Pro soccer’s online play has been a big problem in the previous versions.

Developers did a nice job making the game but they should do something asap to resolve this multiplayer and online issues so that FIFA can be pawned completely by PES. All they need is a decent lan connectivity and PES franchise will own it’s EA counterpart.