Step By Step Driver Cleanup Guide

When was the last time you installed the old/new version of device drivers and had your favorite game conflicting with them ? it surely happens once in a while. So what should you do in the prevailing situation, a normal PC user would generally uninstall the conflicting drivers in question and proceed with the installation of updated driver package.

Here is a thing, by uninstalling you uninstall your device drivers not the whole driver package. So to completely remove the whole package and avoid them conflicting with the new installation, follow this method.
Note: You can follow these steps to remove drivers of any of your devices completely, but for simplicity we are taking “Display Drivers”.

How to Remove Device Drivers Completely|Driver Cleanup Guide

Step 1
Go to device manager -> Display Adapters-> nVidia GeForce GTS 250 (Your GPU) right click and see its ” Properties” to know the driver version of your display drivers. Once you know the version of your Display drivers proceed to next step.

Step 2
Uninstall the display drivers, you will find a “Uninstall” button in the small tabs on the right side of your graphic card’s “Properties” window.

Step 3
Restart PC.

Step 3
Download Driver Sweeper. Or nVidia Nasty File Remover but it will only work for nVidia drivers while Driver Sweeper can be used to completely remove drivers of any device.

Step 4
Run Driver Sweeper and search for the files that are related to the version of display drivers, delete them all to cleanup your old nVidia drivers.

Step 5
Restart PC.

Note: Some drivers may not be uninstalled in Windows Normal Mode, the reason being “in use”. For them restart your Windows in safe mode and then uninstall those drivers.

If you know of any other free utility or an easy to follow method to completely remove device drivers, you can suggest it in comments.