Maximize The Battery Life of Motorola Droid

Motorola Droid is out in the market and has something similar to our recent great android based smart phone, HTC Hero and that is ” Its battery Issues”.

It certainly has a healthy battery life, and for an average user it is more then enough for a day’s work. But still, for a tech savvy social user,  it may not be enough.

Anyway optimizing the battery life of your smart phone, Droid in this case comes handy, obviously you don’t want to be run out of battery right when you need it.

So to be on the safe side of things, here are few tips/tricks to help you extend the battery life of Motorola Droid, Android Based Smart Phone.

Steps to Extend Battery Life of Motorola Droid

Turn On/Off Wifi, GPS, Bluetooth
Keep the “Home” button pressed and select “Widget Power Control” from the menu. This small widget allows you to quickly turn off the connectivity options and change brightness. Power Control Widget will help you monitor all the connectivity options and see if any of them is contributing to your battery loss. If you are not using any of these connectivity options then turning them off will save you considerable amount of battery reserves.

Keep it Away from Magnets
One thing that you should remember always is to keep your Motorola Droid phone away from any pouch holster that contains magnet or anything that contains magnetic material. If Droid detected the magnet around, it will switch to Car Mode, consuming the battery reserves quickly.

Optimizing Battery Use
Now access the “Battery Use Feature” under “Settings” on your Droid. This feature will allow you to look at what applications and features are draining battery. It is similar to Power Control Widget but with a live look at your battery situation.Close the applications/features that you are not using or not require to maximize the battery duration of Motorola Droid.

Lowering Brightness
You can lower your Droid’s brightness to save healthy amount of battery reserves. Its a common change in order to save essential battery life of Droid in case, you are running low on it.

Other Tips to Extend Battery Life of Droid
Select shorter backlight duration.
Lower the display brightness.
Use the AC adapter to charge your phone whenever possible.
Close any third party applications running in the background.

If you have optimized your Motorola Droid to maximize its battery life with any trick that you find worth mentioning, do share with us in comments. It may help other users to optimize the battery life of their Droid smart phone.