How to Watch Youtube Videos Without Flash in HTML5

It’s pretty strange that flash implementation on Linux and Mac OS X is eats up good amount of system resources just to ensure that their proprietary binary implementations are stable and efficient.
With that in context the good people at NeoSmart have coded an HTML 5 Youtube viewer, to watch your favorite Youtube videos without the needing Adobe Flash.

You can use that HTML 5 Youtube video viewer to browse all the videos of Youtube and watch them in true HTML 5 quality leaving all your flash worries at rest. HTML5 does nothing magical here, it just doesn’t require active x and other plugins to render the video as it will do it directly in the browser.

You can go to NeoSmart Youtube  HTML5 Viewer to use this easy to use tool and watch your videos in HTML 5, and to make this way more efficient they have also come up with a GreaseMonkey Script to add a link to the Youtube videos that point to HTML5 version.

All you need is an mp4 decoder which is a requirement but the sad part is the software doesn’t work in Firefox as Firefox doesn’t support streaming mp4 content due to licensing restrictions.