List of Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcuts

First few things that you need to learn about Windows 7 are the new keyboard shortcuts and the tasks they pull to enhance your experience in several new ways. Here is the set of essential time saving new keyboard shortcuts that Windows 7 has to offer.

Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcuts

Handy shortcut when it comes to previewing images, it create an additional preview pan on the right side of the window in Windows Explorer.

Windows +,- Keys
Using Windows plus and minus keys you can activate the Magnifier, to zoom in on entire desktop or part of it via rectangular zoom. You can customize the Magnifier to follow mouse movements or keyboard cursor. But to make it work you will have to enable Aero Desktop.

Windows+ Up/+Down
You can maximize any window by pressing Windows + up, and in the same way Windows + Down will minimize an active window. But when the window is minimized Windows + Up won’t restore it to its former state.

Windows + Shift + Up
Like the previous shortcut, hitting these three keys while a window is active will stretch it vertically to the maximum desktop height. The width however will remain the same. Pressing Windows + Down will restore it to original state.

Windows + Left/+Right
This shortcut is used to drag a window and fix it to either side of your desktop, right or left. Once a window is fixed on one side you can flip the shortcut to drag it to other side. A very useful shortcut if you are extending the desktop to multiple monitors.

Windows + Home
This shortcut performs a similar function to hovering over a Windows peek menu thumbnails in the Taskbar. The active windows stays on desktop while others are minimized, repeating the shortcut will restore all other windows.

Windows + E
Windows + E opens a new explorer window.

Windows + P
Windows + P opens up a small overlay that lets you configure second display/projector.You can switch between your display options from a single monitor to dual display in either mirror or extend desktop mode.

Windows + Shift + Left/Right
If you are using two monitor you can use this shortcut to move from one display to another.

Windows + Number
Applications pinned to your Taskbar can be launched using Windows + Number corresponding to their position on the Taskbar.

Windows + T
Windows +T cycles through your open programs via Taskbar’s Peek menu, as does ALT+Tab.

Windows + Space
This shortcut makes every active window transparent so that you can have a look at your desktop.

Ctrl + Shift + Click
Hold down Ctrl + Shift and click on an application to launch that application with all administrative rights.

Ctrl + Click
Use this shortcut to toggle between multiple instances of the same application. Like in opening several instances of Firefox browser or any other browser but not the tabs, separate windows.

If you know any other handy Windows 7 shortcut suggest it in comments.