Top Free Anime Based/Anime Inspired MMO Games

Who doesn’t love anime? I mean they are so addictive, entertaining and their unique storyline/concept is just amazing. Being an anime freak, I realized I should write about this or maybe provide something useful for all anime fans. Who would like to play their favorite anime based MMORPG, or other anime-inspired massively multiplayer games in their free time. So I decided to write a post dedicated to all the Anime fans of the World who consistently look for anime based/ anime inspired free MMORPG to play in their free time and the result is this post.

Top Anime Based Free MMO Games

Naruto Based MMORPG’s

Ninja Manager
Ninja Manager is free browser-based MMORPG based on the shinobi World of Naruto manga and its anime series. Explore the troubled ninja World while managing your group of ninjas to level them up against other players.

The ultimate goal is to make your village strongest, to get legendary items, and to become the strongest Kage of the Ninja World. The game features a unique ladder system as well and is improving all the time. Will you be the one to lead your village?

Ninja United
Ninja United is a free Naruto based MMORPG set in the classic ninja World in which you start as an ordinary ninja. It is all up to you how you fulfill your way as a shinobi. Complete the quests, help your village to eliminate its dangerous enemies, assassination, sabotage or espionage are just a few actions you may take part in as a ninja.

You may train yourself to improve your ninja skills and gain a better ninja rank in your village, assassinate another ninja, accomplish secret missions, damage other village’s infrastructure, do the Coup d’état, moreover you may wind up saving your village and ultimately you may be the village leader with the highest rank among all ninja.

Naruto Abunai
Naruto Abunai is free to play Naruto MMORPG based on the time around the end of Shippuden. It features a unique rank system in which you start as an academy student to make your way to the Hokage ranked Ninja.

Naruto Abunai features many clans with bloodline abilities with all the cool assortments of monsters, summons, and deadly weapons. The game is ever improving with fan fueling the game content as developers themselves. If you are a Naruto fan, you are bound to like it.

The Ninja RPG
The Ninja RPG is a free browser-based MMORPG based totally on Naruto anime, and how things run in Naruto. Start as a mere academy student to forge your way to become the ultimate shadow, the kage that protects the village or become your village’s worst nightmare as a wondering outlaw. All of this is in the game and all that free.

Naruto Arena
Naruto Arena is a free 2D browser-based MMORPG featuring a unique 3vs3 system, in which you create a most diverse three-man team from across the ninja world and unleash your team in battles to forge your way to Hokage level.

Every player is awarded 100 health points and team fight until the other team is knocked out, in a versus mode it is a turn-based game. With every turn granting you to do one technique depending on your chakra levels. Use your strategies and bring your opponents down in this tactical action thriller.

Nin Online
Nin Online is a 2D MMORPG based on Naruto Manga and Anime series, it does not feature original characters of the game as it is set in the same World but a different time. The game is designed in a visual basic 6 and features simple gameplay. Nin Online is a fan-powered game, not designed in any way for profits so you can say the game is for fans by the fans.

Bleach Based MMO Games

Bleach Tactics
Bleach Tactics is a bleach based free mmorts with RPG element intact. It is a turn-based tactical game still in its beta, thanks to an overwhelming community feedback the game is ever improving. Bleach Tactics features a clan-based system and is heavily loved by turn-based RTS anime fans.

Bleach Soul Evolution
Bleach Soul Evolution is a free bleach based MMORPG featuring all the elements of the World of Bleach. Play as one of the 7 different races from the World of Bleach; choose your path to be good or evil. Forge your way to become the strongest to attain the title of Kenpachi; there is something for everyone in this browser-based bleach MMORPG.

Soul Slayers Online
Soul Slayers Online is a game in development based on Bleach Shinigami’s and will be free to play when it is released. It is still in its alpha stages and the developers are none other than the fans of anime series. It will be a 3D MMO depending on what the developers have to say.

Legends of Bleach
Legends of Bleach is a browser-based roleplaying Shinigami game set in World of Bleach. The game is based on Seethe Able’s Legend of Red Dragon that I do not really know about.

The concept is simple; it is for fans by fans and is simply designed in PHP with MySQL as backend. Therefore, you can have a slight idea of what it has to offer. I have not given it a try as the homepage was so cluttered that literally gave me a headache.

Dragon Ball Z Based MMORPG
Dragon Ball Z Online
Dragon Ball Z online is MMORPG currently in a beta testing phase in Korea. The game follows the concept of Dragon Ball Z anime but is set 200 years after the anime ends. An evil organization has divided the World and players are set to unite.

Players start off as kids, grow up as adults and can select any of the three classes Saiyan, Nameks, and Humans. The game will have in-game avatar builder and loads of other features that make an impressive MMO, visit the official site if you know Japanese to know more about Dragon Ball Z online. BTW, Dragon Ball Z online may not be free MMO game.

One Piece Based MMORPG

One Piece Online
One Piece Online is free to play MMORPG set in the World of One Piece; you can create characters and set your journey into the exciting World of One Piece. Right now, the developers are revolutionizing the home site of One Piece online so the game can be accessed via forums. It is a good game and has a healthy community to back it up.

Transformers Based MMORPG

Exteel is a fast-paced MMO shooter with awesome graphics and animations, developed by innovative developer NCsoft. Hop onto your giant customizable mech to fight battles with up to 16 players online.

The game is originally free to play but a lot of premium content is available via the in-game store that frankly you will be required to buy if you want to enjoy the game fully. The game has a lot of weapons options, other content that again is part of the premium inventory.

Top Anime Inspired Free MMORPG’s

Mapple Story
Mapple Story is a free to play 2D MMORPG featuring cartoony graphics. The game is one of the most popular free-to-play MMORPGs and features a massive community with a unique gameplay. Mapple Story features a large World, varied conquests, unique platform party conquests and much much more.

Mabinogi is a free MMORPG based on Celtic mythology, developed by Nexon the innovative developer of Mapple Story. The game is very free with optional premium content on the go and with its anime; background provides an addictive gameplay to the players.

Dream of Mirror Online
Free to play anime based MMORPG developed by Softstar, a leading Chinese brand in video games with 400k registered users in Taiwan alone. The game features a user-friendly interface and is built to assist players interactions and to involve them in the game.

With that in context, the new players are provided with many paths to start the game. The graphics provide contemporary 3D anime-style graphics with cell shading effects, worth it.

Fly For Fun
Fly for Fun is free anime style MMORPG set in beautifully rendered 3D environment and features an exciting mix of high flying vehicles intertwined within fantasy inspired gameplay with impressive anime style graphics.

The game is a flagship MMORPG from Gala-Net, is developed by Aeonsoft, and is available to download/play for free.

Holic is a free anime based MMORPG by Netgame, featuring a unique user created dungeon system which is at least total fun. The game is point and clicks MMORPG and if you think there is nothing special about point and click games these days, you may be wrong but that’s just my opinion.

Asda Story
Asda story is a relatively easy anime style free to play fantasy MMORPG with something for every type of gamer. Casual gamers can have fun moving around in the game with a simple point and click system and hardcore gamers can customize and use the complicated control system the game has to offer.

Gameplay features 5 character builds, a user can customize several skill trees, fighting their foes and completing the quests, a fun game to play.

Scions of Fate
Scions of Fate is fantasy anime-style free to play MMORPG featuring two warring nations and five different classes to choose from. The game features a house system acting as a guild in which players can level up depending upon the activity of the members. The game features a point to click system that simply put is annoying at times.

Trickster is a free to play 2D MMORPG with brilliant anime inspired graphics; the game has issues of its own but still manages to deliver somehow. Trickster Online features 8 classes and 12 different stats with several other unique features.

Tales of Pirates
Tales of Pirates is a 2D MMORPG with amazing anime style graphics. Play as one of four characters in three different locations to start from. Leveling in Tales of Pirates is fast during the early stages of the game and is done through questing.

Nostale is a 2D MMORPG with anime-inspired graphics; it is a simple game with interesting features. You can catch all sorts of creatures and then keep them as your pets. With each of them gaining experiences and later can equip certain items. Nostale also allows players to manage homes, properties, build a family and become a merchant. It is a casual game but an overall fun game.

If you have come across some other anime based MMO game/anime-inspired MMO game, suggest it with a brief review in comments. We will be adding other games to this list of Top Anime Based/Anime Inspired MMO games as soon as we come to know more.