Dragon Age Patch 1.01 is Available and Fixes lot of Bugs

Dragon Age Origins original build has few technical issues and to fix them Bioware has released an immediate patch. Dragon Age Origins patch 1.01 fixes most of the issues developer found out themselves.

The size of the dragon age patch is mere 13mb, so you can get an idea that it’s an immediate response to the community to solve following bugs widely reported:

Dragon Age Origins Patch Details
– Fixed potential corruption of character statistics.
– Fixed portrait appearance sliders when importing a character from the
downloadable Character Creator.
– Fixed import for preset face settings from the downloadable Character
– Made Easy difficulty easier.
– Slightly increased attack, defense, and damage scores for all party
members at Normal difficulty.
– Fixed video issues when running on a very wide screen display, including
ATI Eyefinity displays.

Download Dragon Age Origins Patch
You can download dragon age origins patch 1.01 either from Fileplanet or Strategy Informer mirrors, its a small patch so won’t take long.
Dragon Age Origins Patch 1.01 Download|File Planet
Dragon Age Origins Patch 1.01 Download|Strategy Informer

Warning: One thing that you should know before applying this patch is that if you have a dlc or some dlc stuff associated with your Dragon Age Origins game, don’t install the patch if your game is working fine.

Because as of now, few people have reported on Bioware forums that their dlc content is not working after they installed the patch, as it requires game version 1.0. It most probably will be fixed soon but if you don’t wanna play without your dlc content and all, don’t patch your game to next version till this issue is resolved.