MW2 Best Buy Chat is Interesting…

Warning: If you have any sharp object like knife near you, you may want to put it down as we at Segmentnext won’t be responsible for any injuries through raging.

So you know MW2 developers had an open Q&A session over the internet at BestBuy. Apparently most of the basic questions related to PC port of the game were not entertained properly. Anyway thanks to persistent PC gamers we did find out few things that may shock you at least.
Highlights of Questions/Answer Session by MW2 Developers

Laugh: Is there a console in the PC version of the game, so we can change our field of view from the xbox’s default 65 FOV to 80 also can we tweaks the weapon damage for each gun, removes perks, graphical debris, breathing sway, also thru console like we where able to before or is this all gone?

Vince-IW: We would like you to play the game the way we designed and balanced it.”

>It is a 99% port from the console to PC
>No leaning in the PC version
>No /record feature
>All mw2 versions support a max 9v9

ViperVenom:What was the inspiration behind the AC-130, Throwing knives, 3rd person and such? Did looking at some of the Cod4 Mods influence any of these?

Ryan-IW:The inspiration behind so many inclusions to MW2’s MP was basically the fun factor. We’ll look at something we did in the past and say “Wouldn’t it be fun if we *insert blank here*”. With MW2 we had the chance to do a lot of just that. We implemented things that at first were very experimental and unbalanced, but through time and hours and weeks of testing and balancing, we came out with something amazing.

Moriarte: Ignoring, is the PC version a direct port of the console version?

Mackey-IW: No, PC has custom stuff like mouse control, text chat in game, and graphics settings.”

Moriarte: just wow. Mouse control? AWESOME, i’ve never had mouse control on a PC game before, text chat and graphics settings you say? WHAT IS THIS AMAZINGNESS?!

Axen: Please explain how a 9v9 match is a multiplayer experience? I’d have more fun serving lunch at a local nursing home.

Vince-IW: Sounds like are a very compassionate and giving person. I hope the people at the nursing home appreciate you.

Futurefighter: How do you plan to appeal to professional pc gaming leagues like CAL and CEVO with

Vince-IW: I guess we’ll have to talk to them and see what they would need. We would love to work something out.

Futurefighter: WTH is that supposed to mean?

maniac1969: Vince, there are 178,000 voices that say you need dedicated servers for the PC. COD4 is the bigest online game in history! Why in the world would you take away dedicated servers and change the whole MP experience for us? And Mackey, the PC version with dedicated servers is already the best experience the way it is!

Vince-IW: All I can say is that we changed it to make it a better and easier experience. Also, not all of the names on that list are legit.

Mackey-IW: 402 signed it 4 times I heard.

Our Take On This Issue
The Best Buy chat session actually made one thing very clear. This whole mess is being created on purpose by the folks in Infinity Ward. The representatives of what I now call the Fail Ward were openly making dumb replies to the questions posted by gamers.
Further more all questions by gamers regarding the whole dedi’s mess were shown the door. Conspiracy theorists have risen on many forums, including bash and slash forums, forming theories as to why IW is kicking the PC community in the nuts.
What stood like a brick wall for the PC community since the launch of COD 1, is now going to fall miserably. Thousand’s of people have cancelled their pre-orders and we now know that the PC port isn’t even finished. Only a couple of weeks to go before launch and IW is still trying to finish the game for the PC.
“A 99% port” as said by IW will NOT feature a console. So basically you get the same stock fov 65, no recording feature,  hell forget console, there is no leaning either.  Goodbye to a competitive scene in MW2.
To everything IW has crapped out, the following statement gave me stiches:  “PC port of the game does support mouse control, graphics settings and in game text chat” Thank you Lord, for now I can play a FPS with a mouse and whoa, I get a chat option too. Either IW just came out of a cave else they are on a serious supply of loco weed.
No dedicated server = /facepalm
No mods = /facepalm
No console option = /facepalm
No leaning = /facepalm
MW2 has a cap of 9v9 = /facepalm
Overkill Perk + GL class now gives u a total of 12 nades = /facepalm
PC port still not finished = /facepalm
This game is over priced = /facepalm
But it might still get the GOTY award = Major /facepalm

Guest Post by Saqib Mansoor.