PTCL EVO vs Wateen Wireless USB Which One is Better ?

By   /   Nov 2, 2009

Among wireless Internet suppliers in Pakistan,Wateen’s WiMax and PTCL’s Evo are dominating other wireless devices.It’s true that there is no alternate of cable broadband but sometimes land line unavailability make these wireless devices our priority.

I have heard a lot about WiMax (USB not the WiMax router)  and Evo’s performance with users yelling about their performance. I have checked both the devices and it was very difficult for me to choose one of them.

After testing two weeks I now prefer PTCL Evo over Wateen Wireless USB. Now before explaining why I chose Evo,we should know what are the important things expected from suppliers end:

  1. Online streaming should be smooth and fast.
  2. It should give the download and upload speed according to bandwidth allotted i.e 512kbps or1Mbps etc. To calculate your download speed just divide your speed test results by 8.
    On1Mbps connection you should get speed around 130KBps to 150 KBps and so on.
  3. It should be good at downloading torrents.
  4. It should not give too high pings on servers.

There is a wrong rumor about PTCL Evo that it gives 300-500kbps (kilobits per second) rather than 300-500KBps(kilobytes per second) where 1byte=8bits.
PTCL claim  that this device can give 300-500 Kbps speed on average depending on signal strength.
They claim it right and I have tested it in low signal regions too where it gives almost 250KBps or above speed.

It sometimes also gives me up to 400KBps download speed.And it’s also true about PTCL  Evo that it’s speed is variable as it is not a shared connection.Sometimes the connection speed is 2Mbps and sometimes it is 1 or 1.5Mbps and sometimes it is 3.1Mbps which is maximum it can give with unlimited download being a large plus from PTCL.

With Current PTCL Evo device being smaller but is efficient, has been improved consistently and now is available at decreased price(4000 Pkr).

Wateen WiMax on the other hand is  a descent service and offers  good download speed with improved signal catching ability in latest router and USB device.

Although signal catching ability has been improved but still they haven’t improved it to the best possibility.Due to lack of signal strength online streaming and server pings are affected adversely.

Another drawback at Wateen’s end is download limit at its affordable packages and they don’t offer connection speed more than 1Mbps.
Wateen is good for those who use internet only for browsing purposes and are not interested in streaming and online gaming.

Gaming is also not good with Evo as it is also a wireless connection but its streaming,download speed and unlimited download makes it a bit superior to Wateen.


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