Best 20 Most Popular Games on Facebook

Facebook has revolutionized the concept of online community. It has provided another vast platform for people to interact and share with each other. It has a large number of applications making it a very famous and unique platform across the world.

Games have been an important part of all the applications present on Facebook. There are millions of players playing these free online games with great zeal. The concept of these games make them popular and cover deficiency of graphics. Here is a list of best 20 games on Facebook:

Farm Ville
With more than 62 million players, Farmville has become the most popular game on Facebook in a short time. This game was developed by Zynga in June. It is based on rural civilization in which users build farms and send different gifts to their friends including domestic animals etc. It is simple and almost everyone can enjoy this game.

Texas hold’em Poker
If you are a fan of Poker then this game is a must thing for you. The game is based on the same concept of Poker and you can play it with your friends and other human players out there. More you win, more is your repute. You can join different tables depending on your repute. It has gained large popularity in last few months.

Mafia Wars
It is all about robbing and stealing. You start as a newbie in the crime world and after doing jobs your level rise. After gaining sufficient experience, you finally develop an empire of your own.

You can hire people, invite your friends to join your Mafia group and expand your business by buying different properties. This game has been designed by Zynga and is being liked by many out there.

Yo Ville
The concept of this game is almost same as Sims. You start with an apartment in a virtual world and renovate it with a different item. You can visit your friends’ apartments and chat with them. It is more or less similar to Farm Ville except the fact that it is based on urban life.

Word Challenge
This game checks your thinking power and IQ. 6 letters are given to you and from these 6 letters you have to make as many words (3-6) as you can. It is a fast point gaining game and you can compete with your friends out there. This game can be fun for those who enjoy puzzles.

MindJolt Games
It is actually a collection of some arcade games which can be played either individually or you can challenge your friends. Games like Crazy Taxi and Bouncing Balls are included in this one.

Restaurant City
If you are tired of City and Village life then how about building your own restaurant? In this game, you build your own restaurant and compete with other players to make your restaurant best among them. There are multiple features in the game as if you hire your friends as waiters and chefs and decorate your place with the wealth you earn.

Bejeweled Blitz
Another interesting game for puzzle fans. It is a Gem swapping puzzle build by PopCap Games. Each puzzle has some points on its solution depending on the time in which you have solved it. This game can be addictive like other puzzle games.

Pet Society
Do you like pets? If yes, then playing with your pet must be your hobby. In this game, you can have your favorite pet in your house. You can play with it and customize it according to your own desire.

Retro gamers have designed this game representing some colorful biotechnology. It is a science-based game, although the game is very simple and anyone can play it but students of Biology can understand this game in a better way.

Know-It-All Trivia
You think you know more than others out there? Come to the arena of Know-It-All and show what you have. It is all about knowledge of everything. You can compete with your friends and create your own quizzes to challenge your friends.

Farm Town
This game was once named as the most rapidly growing game of Facebook with 30000 players per day. Each user creates a personal profile and receives a tract of land with five plots planted with potatoes in various stages of maturity and one plot plowed but unplanted. It is an interactive game with many interesting features in it.

Pass A Drink
Pass A Drink is more or less a gift transfer simulation rather than a game. You can send different drinks as a gift to your buddies. More you drink; more will be the increment in your Drink Meter. This so-called game has been designed for sharing purpose as drinking together is becoming a trend these days.

Friends For Sale
By the title of the game, we can have an idea about mocking the concept of this game. In this game, you treat your friends as your pets. This thing can make your friends outrageous but that is part of the fun. You can sell your pets and make money out of them.

Barn Buddy
Barn friend is also about building your farms. An interesting feature of this game is that you can get naughty and can steal your friend’s crops or add weeds or bugs to their crops. Be careful while being naughty as your own farm can be under attack too.

Street Racing
This game is self-explanatory as it is all about racing and pawning other drivers out there. Upgrade your cars, your crew and buy the property from the money you earn. It is more or less like a Racing Gang sort of game.

We cannot miss Pac-Man on Facebook. Game’s name is based on the sound produced while eating up dots or maize field. The game has decent animations with easy gameplay.

Pillow Fight
Pillow Fight with your friends, crushes, affair, love or enemies! Time-sensitive game and the winner is announced within two days if the opponent fails to hit you back.

Vampire Wars
Your ultimate goal in Vampire Wars is to become most powerful vampire among all. It might appear similar to the level system in other games but it has nothing to do with levels. It is all about the strength that is gained by defeating other vampires and recruiting players etc.

Bowling Buddies
Several features other than bowling are present in this one. Customization of your characters and challenging your friends for head to head are prominent among them. The game has good graphics and the top bowler goes to “Who Has The Biggest Brain”(Another application on Facebook).

If we missed any of your favorite game, do share with us as the popularity of these games keeps on changing every month.