Nintendo Announces DSiLL and Its Colors

Nintendo today announced DSiLL, the newly designed portable features a 2.4inch screen and comes in three colors: Dark Brown, Wine Red, and Natural White. DSiLL is the heaviest portable gaming device of this generation says kotaku, you know why ?.Well this baby weighs 314g, and for comparison here are few facts that might interest you.

158g – PSPgo
189g – PSP-2000
189g – PSP-3000
214g – DSi
218g – DS Lite
275g – Nintendo DS
280g – PSP-1000
314g – DSi LL

So you know it’s large and heavy, and has a large screen if that’s comforting ?. DSiLL will be released in Japan November 21, and is priced at $220 while the European fellows will have to wait Q1 next year before they can analyze its large size. As you may know by now, we are not into screenshots nowadays but DSiLL is an exception.