How to Transfer Youtube Videos to Zune

Every now and then you find a video on Youtube that you want to transfer to your portable device, which in my view is a three step process.
-Download Youtube Video.
-Convert it.
-Transfer it.
If you somehow don’t know how to download a video from Youtube, and about free converters you can use to convert that video file to any format, read our post on How to Download Youtube Video and Convert it.

Transfer Youtube Videos to Zune
Now if you need to transfer your favorite Youtube videos to Zune, you will need to convert these files to .wmv/mp4/m44 formats. As most of the downloaded Youtube videos come in FLV format, you can use FLV converter for this purpose.

FLV converter is not a freeware product but you can use the trial version to convert your favorite videos to video file types supported by Zune.

Alternatively you can use freeware converters listed in our post on how to download and convert Youtube videos Or you can download the trial version of the FLV converter and use it forever using How to Run A Trial Version Forever Tutorial.

Once you have converted the video to supported file type, transfer that video to your Zune, using it’s software. It’s that simple.