Yahoo Mail Attachments Download False Positive Fix

Have you tried downloading attachments from your Yahoo mail account ? well If you did, it may have resulted in utter frustration. As you may not be able to download any attachments in yahoo mail thanks to being marked as a bad url, resulting in a false positive phishing message.

It has been reported worldwide by users of Symantec and Bitdefender security suites.Whenever you will  try downloading the attachments, it may result in big red phishing message on Yahoo mail tab. But if you click on exact same page again, it may work fine. It’s rather frustrating and annoying when it happens, the bad url reported for phishing is always :*filename*..etc .

Fix Yahoo Mail Attachment False Positive
After having searched the web about this issue, I found out that problem is at Symantec’s end, and they are working on a fix. So if you are using Symantec Security products ask for help on their forums to fix this false positive.

We don’t have a proper fix but few recommendations to solve this issue. So try and if they help you, do let us know, as sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.
-Close all your applications.
-Disable antivirus for short period of time let’s say 5 minutes to download your attachments.
After that open your browser and see if you can download these attachments, you most probably will. Make sure to put everything back to normal after you are done.

Fix Yahoo Mail Attachments False Positive For Bitdefender
This problem also arouse for people using other security platforms as well namely Bitdefender users have also been found reporting the same issue, with attachments download being marked as phishing scam.
-Open Bitdefender and switch to advanced view.
-Click on Antivirus on the left hand view and choose custom level.
-Uncheck scan Yahoo messenger traffic and choose OK.
This will fix this issue for Bitdefender users to avoid annoyance for sometime before the company releases the official fix.

Warning: Disabling features of your Antivirus is also a risk, so be careful.