What Windows 7 Has For Gamers ?

Vista did not make a big impression in gaming community and many gamers out there skipped this modified version of Windows Xp.

DirectX 10 feature in it took a long to attain stability so one might say that it more or less was a flop.Now all eyes are on Windows 7 and everyone is curious whether it has anything special for gamers or not.
It’s too early to talk about the final stability and efficiency of this OS as their might be several bugs needed to be fixed.

So is there anything in it that gamers should move from ever reliable Xp? To me yes,there are some interesting features for gamers in it, making it preferable over Xp.Most eminent feature is the introduction of DirectX 11 technology in this one.

Dirt 2 was postponed only just because they wanted it to be released on DirectX 11.Which gives us a hunch about the efficiency of this upcoming software as it has been observed that DirectX 11 makes GPU’s work better in multiple areas.

Gaming explorer feature which was also available in Vista  is modified and now gamers can upgrade games through this explorer.So there will be no fuss of seeking for latest updates.

Every time an update will be available this interface will notify and a direct update will be performed.Tessellation feature makes geometry of objects more refined and makes some transparency adjustments refining the overall object and texture details.

Overall we shall have a better experience and this OS will make our GPU’s work in more efficient manner, harvesting their attributes in a best possible manner.I will recommend gamers to go for Windows 7, What about you? Do you recommend the same ?.