Compatibility Check Before You Upgrade to Windows 7

Microsoft has released the final versions of Windows 7 Upgrade Adviser along with the launch of Windows 7 Compatibility Center. You can get support for any queries you have regarding Windows 7 compatibility from Windows 7 compatibility center. Windows 7 upgrade adviser is a tool that scans your computer to find out it’s compatibility with latest OS by Microsoft, Windows 7.

To check whether your computer is ready for upgrade to new Windows 7, this tool will check your computer’s system hardware and software for compatibility issues. It also offers guidance on how you can overcome these issues to make your computer compatible with Windows 7.

Before you install this tool it is recommended that you plug in all of your hardware.After installation, scan your computer, a scan will take few minutes, it may vary for every person. The results of the system scan will be displayed in two tabs for 32 bit and 64 bit windows systems with 32 bit compatibility check displayed by default.

Each report is divided in three section System, devices and Programs. System analysis constitutes general issues, the user might run into. Then the devices part is analyzed with their compatibility with Windows 7 in context and finally all your installed programs are checked if they will have any compatibility issue with Windows 7.

Windows 7 upgrade adviser gives helpful information for users already using Windows operating system on whether or not they will be able to use Windows 7. While this tool is on the roll a false positive was listed in the report on Windows XP SP3 test.

Missing Windows Aero support was one of the issues found by Windows 7 upgrade adviser but it was highly unlikely considering an ATI Radion HD 4870 card was installed in the system.You can download  Windows 7 upgrade adviser from here, or visit Windows 7 compatibility center if you seek support.