Can you play GTA 4 for 40 hours with 4 short breaks?

We have heard of many strange stories in gaming world due to ever growing passion and zeal for games but nothing can parallel Mr.Patnaik’s effort who played GTA 4 on PS3 for straight 40 hours with 4 small coffee breaks.
This man started playing GTA 4 on September 4th and finished playing it on September 6th which earned him a name in Guinness Book of World Records.
Here is what  this 26 year old from Mumbai (India) said after this achievement:

There are so many other games which I have played for long hours.But I had never tried playing this particular game seriously. However, I knew that I can do it after I saw my brother playing it … I enjoyed the game very much. It’s fun playing long hours. It wasn’t that exhaustive for me, as one might feel.

He has broken previous record of a game being played for 28 hours and 1 minute straight.He is now aiming to play continuously for a long time without a break.Yoga and exercise are key things considered for such stern activity. So are you motivated, fascinated or jealous?