iPhone Gets It’s Competitor as Motorola Unveils Droid

Verizon unveiled the next generation android phone in  an ad during Yankees Angel game last night targeting iPhone straight forward. The ad in question did a pretty good job pointing anything and everything that an iPhone doesn’t have, and the next android based Motorola droid phone will have.

The android based smart phone Droid Does, Motorola Droid Phone will be released next month across America via Verizon Wireless. The Droid Does is another Verizon Cell phone created to compete with iPhone and possibly as the ad shows has everything that an iPhone Doesn’t.

As an introduction of Verizon Droid Does phone, the carrier released this intriguing teaser of Motorola Droid Does.

Verizon have also launched a web page for this upcoming iPhone competitor with a countdown to its release date. The web page requires you to sign in to know more Motorola android phone on Verizon wireless.

No real picture of this android based phone has actually been released yet, but it won’t be long before this gadget will be shown to the World. So stay tuned or you are bound to miss this baby.