Let’s Boycott Modern Warfare 2 For PC

If you had been following Modern Warfare 2, you probably know by now what’s upcoming for PC gamers as things stand. Nothing but a pile of horse shit if you ask me. The reason of all this, well our long anticipated Modern Warfare 2 will not have a dedicated server support, you know what that essentially means ? No clan matches, No tourneys, No competition, a lot of lag, no mods, and no custom maps, all shit all the way.

All they have done is making another battle.net copy IW.net which will be handling the online part of the game via match making, the new feature introduced in the game.

This feature is basically for console users and has been part of different multiplayer console games.  So you know by now, they don’t give a shit about you “The PC Gamers”. So why should you care about them ? why not leave them a message by canceling your Pre Order may be ?. Why not ? When they are deleting the posts about the reactions of the PC Gamers. Oh yes! you heard me dear, they are doing it as you are reading this post.

This post on infinity ward forums was by a PC gamer asking to cancel your PC MW2 pre order. That was in response to their lame decisions regarding PC version of the game, and was deleted after the flamy bunch of reactions of PC community.
The boy didn’t go down that easily, made another post on infinity ward forums asking to sign a petition to Infinity Ward to add Dedicated Server Support in the game. Well you can sign the petition here MW2 Dedicated Server Petition. Be part of the change, don’t let PC gaming die that easily if that motivates you ?

I mean offense to all of the infinity Ward guys, and above all I have canceled my pre order of the game. Quite frankly being a part of piracy hit nation I still went for a legit copy. Anyway if that’s the way infinity ward wants to have it then so be it. I am better off, and so you should be.

So let’s just simply boycott Modern Warfare 2 as things stand, to remind Activision and Infinity Ward about the fact that PC gamers were the one who took this franchise to  a place where it is today and may be clear their pathetic vision.