How to Change your Mac Address

One way to change IP address is to change your Mac address which assign’s you a unique IP. In case your IP has been blocked by certain websites or in gaming, the online game servers as some of the anti cheat tools like Aon live can block the Mac address.if you were one of those unlucky noobs  you can change your Mac address following this easy tutorial.

First I will like to explain the relationship of IP address with router and other intermediaries.If your computer is directly connected to world wide web then your computer IP is your sole identity, but if your computer is connected via router then router IP is the one that will give you your identity online.In both of these cases you can change your Mac Address, if you are using different orientation like a modem who has it’s own separate IP  then you won’t be able to change your Mac address.

Change Your Mac Address (For Windows)

Step 1
Type in “cmd” in Run to open the command prompt. Now type "ipconfig/all" to see all your network addresses and configurations. Here the physical address is your Mac address, and the IP address is your identity for world wide web assigned by your physical or Mac address.

Step 2
Now download this  small utility called Mac Makeup, extract this utility and run it as administrator.If you have multiple network cards you can select the one you are using to access internet, or if you are on network choose the one, you are using to connect to that network.

Now in options screen you can either choose to randomly generate Mac address based on the manufacturer id or based on its previous Mac address. You can also change the manufacturer from the drop down menu, once you are done, click the change button to change your Mac address.

Step 3
Now that you have done changes regarding your Mac address, go back to “Command Prompt” and register the changes.
Type "ipconfig/release" after it is processed type "ipconfig/renew". Once this is done type "ipconfig/all" you will see a new IP address.

Step 4
Now go to to see what’s your IP address, and note down it down. You need to do few changes in your router as well, in ‘Command Prompt’ type "ipconfig/all" and see for your default gateway. Type that default gateway IP into any web browser you have,  it will ask for username/password, type in the default username/password of your router.

If you don’t know the default user/pass of your router visit Router Passwords for most of the routers.

Once you are in your router settings, you need to find the Mac address settings, find them and change them to your Computer Mac Address. Or you can change them to Mac address that you generated using Mac Makeup, after you have done that apply and save the changes in your router.

Now visit again and see if your IP address is changed, if it isn’t then most probably your Modem has your IP address and that my friend can’t be changed unless you hack and alter your modem components.

Change Your Mac Address For Mac OS
If you are using Apple Mac Os then you can follow this easy to do tutorial to change it’s Mac address, How to Change Mac address in Mac OS.
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