Powermat Wireless Charging System Now Available

Powermat range of wireless charging products are now available to purchase, having first displayed in CES 2009.

New line of wireless chargers include charging solutions iPod,  iPhone, Nintendo DS, iPod Nano, iPod Classic, and also Blackberry products, thanks to a range of receivers. Powermat charging system consists of  a charging mat available in Home & Office and Portable version for traveling.

This wireless charging system uses a mix of magnetic induction and proprietary technology to charge up the three devices at once. Other addons include protective cases with integrated charging electronics for iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPod touch or a Powermat ready wireless charging dock for other iPod and iPhone models.

The receiver cases for Nintendo DS are priced at $30 whereas that for iPod and iPhone are available for $40 each. Powermat ready wireless charging dock is priced at $40. While all these Apple gadgets get a respective case, Blackberry products get a battery door replacement which is priced at $30. The range is rounded off by a “Powercube Universal Receiver” which connects to portable devices via interchangeable tips and is available for $30.

As far as the speed at which this charging system is expected to charge these respected gadgets is concerned, Powermat says it will atleast be faster than the cord chargers. Also their “RFID handshake”  between mat and receiver ensures that the exact amount of power is delivered and with an auto shut off function ensuring no wastage.

Powermat charging system itself is priced at $99 and is now available to purchase.Considering the ease of charging and features of this product it may well be worth it.