McDonald’s Monopoly Game 2009 Kick Starts

From today till Nov 2, whenever you buy something from McDonald’s, your order will come with McDonald’s monopoly 2009 game pieces attached.

The catch is that the fast food giant is giving millions of dollar if you are the lucky customer.Everyday a player in McDonald’s monopoly 2009 will have a chance to either win $1 million or $10,000, it all depends on the roll of a dice. All you have to do is enter your game code that comes with your order in the code box of McDonald’s monopoly 2009 and roll a dice.

If you score double sixes you win $1 million. There is no physical rolling of the dice, it all happens online at Mcdonald’s Monopoly Game Page.

The most important thing to remember is only 29 players will be given $1 million and you have to enter your game code in order to be a registered member.

When you enter the game piece code on the website, you will find whether you have won anything or not. Different other prizes include $50 or $500 shell gift cards, Xbox 360 systems, free Boengo Wi Fi at more than 11,000 locations across US and My coke reward points.
The dice rolling of the grand prize will be shown on “Jay Leno Show” thanks to a cross promotional deal with McDonald’s and NBC.

You can also get an update on the winner by following McDonald’s Monopoly 2009 game feed via twitter @McDonald’s and you can also discover whether you are winner or not on the website.

All this million dollar  promotional campaign or whatever aside, be rational and don’ think if you will buy more, you will have better chance. Dude they are gonna distribute billions of game codes so judge yourself. Be rational and just please don’t over do it for the love of your health.