How to Change Your IP Address With A Single Click

Either you want to browse anonymously or you want to bypass free user download limit/country quota on file hosting sites like Rapidshare, you will need to change/hide your IP address.

This process is easier than our previous Rapidshare Free User Unlimited Download Tutorial, in which we used a software to manually reconnect in order to change dynamic IP address.

In this case however, we will be using a software but there won’t be any need to reconnect the router, the software will simply bypass¬† everything and change your IP address with a single mouse click.

All you need is Tor package, an open source software package that disables plugins such as Java, Flash, Active X, RealPlayer, Quicktime, Adobe’s PDF plugin, and others that can be manipulated into revealing your IP address.

You can download this free software from Tor Download Page for Windows, Apple OS and Linux/Unix or download Tor  zero configuration Windows Browser Bundle Package.

The process is very simple, download and install the package for your OS, it will prompt you for Firefox torbutton plugin. Install Firefox Tor Button and, you are all done. Now if you enable torbutton “Firefox Plugin” it will change your IP address.

In case of rapidshare/megaupload or other file hosting sites you will need lot of new IP’s to keep downloading stuff as free user so you will have to get a new identity every time. For that change your IP address using Vidalia Control Panel, simply click on ” Use a New Identity” and you will have a new IP address.

Vidalia Control Panel That’s it, browse anonymously or download unlimited, there is no one stopping you.