10,000+ Hotmail Passwords Leaked Online As Microsoft Sleeps

Neowin has reported recently about a possible msn ‘Hack’ when a user at Neowin site posted password details of thousand of Hotmail accounts.It came to light when an anonymous user posted hotmail acounts of several thousand MSN users at neowin ‘A site used by users to share code snippets’.

The details were promptly removed by the site admin but having seen part of the list, they confirmed that the accounts were legit and most appear to be Europe based.

The list had more then 10,000 accounts starting from A to B, suggesting there could be additional lists.As for now it appears only accounts used to access Microsoft Windows Live Hotmail were posted, this includes @hotmail.com @msn.com @live.com accounts.

No official confirmation has been made about this situation by Microsoft but Microsoft security response center has been made aware of this situation. To be on the safe side, immediately change your username/password and your security question.