Vidyartha College Facebook Virus Targetting College Students ?

What would be the most easier way for a hacker to target mass numbers online ? the answer is very simple ” A popular social network”.
In current case it’s the most popular social network of the world Facebook, being center of a mysterious problem.
Facebook is currently victim of virus called “Vidyartha College Facebook Virus”, this rather mysterious virus has been changing the college name/account/passwords of several student users of Facebook.
More noticeably it changes the name of the college/school to Vidyartha College. It also affects your friends and associates you are interacting with via Facebook and don’t know what more.

This so called ‘Vidyartha College Facebook Virus’ was first reported on tuesday and after that have been moving across the popular social network’s infrastructure.

At this point in timeĀ  it is not clear whether it’s a virus or Facebook own bug with Facebook officials yet to make an official statement about the ongoing situation. To be on the safe side don’t click on untrusted applications or allow strange application pages to execute.