Super Street Fighter 4 Likely ?

Rumor has it that Street Fighter 4 Update tentatively named Super Street Fighter 4 is in the development.

All these rumors have arose from the Tokyo Game Show currently going on, where few of the lucky chaps claim to have tested the early build.

The rumor at the time is surging world wide with people predicting/rumoring the changes line up. A lot has been said at different gaming forums “The Famous One’s” and communities about the upcoming changes in Street Fighter 4 upgrade.

Meanwhile to keep things interesting, we have compiled a list of changes people are talking about right here. But no confirmation yet about any of these stories.

Super Street Fighter 4 Features
– All console characters unlocked/selectable
– Dudley, Ibuki, and Makoto from 3rd Strike playable
– Cody, Adon, and Guy from the Alpha series playable
– Deejay and T.Hawk from Super Street Fighter II series playable
– Each character will have two different Ultras and one Super
– 3rd Strike characters will have all 3 of their Supers (two as Ultras, one as a Super)
– Two NEW characters: Hakan and Juri
– Hakan: an oil-crazed Arabian grappler
– Juri: an Asian fighter girl working under Seth

Rumors are spicy as always and if this upcoming update is legit then Super Street Fighter Fighter worth’s a try.

While we are still discussing this as rumor, few screenshots supposedly of Super Street Fighter 4 have been released.

Super Street Fighter 4 Finally Confirmed!
Finally our beloved Street Fighter 4 developers Capcom has open his mouth to announce the details of their upcoming project “Super Street Fighter 4″. The update will be released spring 2010 and have all the features we have been reading as rumor. I hope you got the idea if not, read the features above and get to know what this baby will have.

Speaking to Gamespot at Tokyo Game Show, Capcom the producer Yoshinori Ono emphasized that the expansion pack aims to capitalize on the foundation laid by Street Fighter 4 by including more content that includes more playable characters ” See the Screenshots”, improved online features and rebalanced characters.

The Super Street Fighter 4 expansion pack will be out for Xbox 360 and PS3 spring 2010, again nothing for PC. And if you are concerned about the price, well the game won’t be selling at full price that is for sure.