iPhone MMS Update and AT&T’s Resolve

The wait is finally over, the much anticipated iPhone Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) update will hit US consumers tomorrow. With a quick patch from iTunes AT&T iphone owners will be able to quickly send pictures and videos to their friends and family.

But what took so long for a mere MMS feature update for iPhone which is readily available in all other phones ? whereas iPhone had the MMS capability since the release of OS 3.0. What took so long to use this feature ?

The answer lies in the fact that AT&T the exclusive iPhone contractor had been upgrading its infrastructure to handle the increased stress the MMS update will cause on its network.

AT&T network is facing an all time low when it comes to customer satisfaction and reliability. Dropped calls, 3G outages, are a constant source of complains by the customers and what more, Apple is not really happy about the situation.

Apple can potentially end its exclusivity contract with AT&T if things continue as it is which made AT&T take extreme precautions to upgrade it’s infrastructure before implementing MMS feature.

So it’s in a way also a test for AT&T to prove it’s worth, If somehow AT&T network manages to bear the load of iPhone picture messaging service. It will be a great plus point to retain the exclusivity, if not then they are in trouble.

As of right now network issues are big hurdle in Apple’s mass adoption and Apple will surely want to resolve it even if they have to strike deals with other carriers. What’s your take on the issue, Will AT&T survive the network stress caused by iPhone MMS update or not ?