EA FIFA vs Pro Evolution Soccer – Comparison

Both Konami and EA have released demos of their upcoming soccer titles (Pro soccer and Fifa 2010). 2 or 3 years back most of us believed that EA is far ahead of Konami in producing successful soccer games.To me, Konami has proved us all wrong this time.

I have been playing demos of both the games for some days and every time I played them, I couldn’t consider Fifa better than Pro soccer. I also used to believe that Pro soccer can never beat Fifa but the recent demo of Pro soccer has changed my thoughts and it’s annoying as I was a die-hard fan of  Fifa.

I know demos don’t tell everything about the game but at least they reveal the most basic thing of a game and that is its gameplay. I have my own reasons for making Pro soccer better than Fifa which you might not agree with.

I like free-flowing football which is perfectly depicted in pro soccer while Fifa although improved still have congested environment.When it comes to dribbling and ball control Pro soccer has edge over Fifa.

There are other small things too like players first touch etc which you will realize when you play both of them and you will feel the difference clearly if you play them with a neutral’s perspective.

I just hope that this time Pro soccer’s multiplayer is improved which will make it a perfect game this time.it’s  my opinion though.You guys might have different opinions.I am curiously waiting for your replies.