Left4Dead 2 Banned In Australia…WTH?

With rapid advance in technology,game designers have succeeded in creating some stunning titles for both consoles and PC. Unfortunately, some of them were disliked and ridiculed on a large scale due to violent cut scenes.

Manhunt was one of them and now same is the case with L4d 2 in Australia. I can understand that why Manhunt was opposed by most but I really can’t see L4d 2 even closer to Manhunt.

It’s a classic FPS allowing you to pawn zombies with your friends and above all it is not the only game based on scary zombies.If they have banned this one then they should also ban games like Resident Evil.This verdict made by OFLC is of course more or less childish.

I feel pity for l4d fans in Australia.Valve are also stunned on this outcome as this title is famous equally all around the globe.I just hope that the officials in Australia give a second thought and let fans play one of the most anticipated fps coming later this year.